Make a Snowboard Resume and Portfolio

How To Make A Snowboard Resume and Portfolio


One of the best things you can do to promote yourself in snowboarding is have a athletic resume and portfolio readily available. Having an updated resume and portfolio from snowboarding can help you get sponsored in snowboarding.

Athletic Resume - What To Put In Resume

Your athletic resume should be a professional representation of yourself and your skills. Similar to a job resume this should look very professional with the goal of obtaining sponsorship. Try to keep all of the information on one page for simplicity. Here is a list of items of what to put in your resume:

  • Contact Info
  • Objective
  • Athletic Achievements (competition results and media coverage such as interviews or ads)
  • Current Sponsors
  • Upcoming or current season agenda
  • References
  • Website Statistics (if you have a website)

An example of my professional athletic resume looks like this:

Snowboarding Portfolio

Along with an athletic resume you will want to compile a portfolio in a nice folder to showcase your actual riding skills. This will consist of pictures, competition results, media coverage and a short video on your fancy phone.

Pictures - Choose Wisely

You will want to find up to eight of your best current pictures. Remember that you are trying to impress potential sponsors within a couple of seconds so you need to make sure you are choosing your absolute best pictures.

An example of a bad picture would be this one:

The picture was taken on a cell phone and doesn’t really show the full action and risk behind the shot.

An example of a good picture would be this one:

This picture was taken at a high quality resolution and isn’t grainy or distorted (although I've compressed it for the site). It was also lined up to show everything that went into the trick. It displays technicality.

Competition Results - Show Your Stuff

Compile a list of your competition highlights within one page. List the competition name, date(s) and results. It’s best to only list your top results here so keep that in mind.

Media Coverage - Got the cover shot?

Next you will want a page that lists your current or most pertinent ads, write ups, interviews, online exposure and video parts (if any). List the publication or website and date that it dropped. Potential sponsors like to see that you are getting exposure. If you’re getting exposure, their brand is getting exposure through you.

Video - Short but to the point

Anyone with a computer whether Mac or PC can make a simple video with the free software that either comes with the operating system or can be downloaded for free. Make a short video up to 45 seconds that showcases your best tricks or footage from last year. Remember that you only have a few seconds to catch their eye so make it good.

An example of the video I used in 2013 at SIA is here:

Figure out how to put it on your phone if you can as this will help with presenting the video easily.

Business Cards - Look Professional

If you want to take it one step further I would recommend picking up some business cards. I was able to pick some up for cheap from Vista Print that serve the general purpose. Include your name, email, phone and website if you have one.

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