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2012-13 Season Edit

2011-2012 Season Edit.


Never Summer Industries - Days of Chunder teaser.


Brighton Ski Resort side and backcountry powder with RideUtah.


Gas Tank Toeside to Heelside Wall Ride in Idaho



Urban Snowboarding Trailer Fence Gap on the Never Summer Proto CT(X) 155


I had the opportunity to change board sponsors and moved over to Never Summer. They lined me up with their all new 2012/2013 Cobra X 159. Here's a clip of putting it to the test.


Here's a quick video on how to sleep in your truck and save a ton of money when you travel to SIA.


"Sometimes you eat the bar, sometimes the bar eats you." Here's the highlighted snowboard crashes from 2010-11 season. Luckily not one bone or Tyrant Snowboard was broken all season.


I took a Tyrant Schism 162 right from the press and turned it into a splitboard with the DIY split kit from Voile. Here's a quick video timelapse of the board being split and then taking it out for a ride.


My finals run at The North Face Masters in 2010-2011 at Snowbird, UT


Season highlights from 2010-2011. A lot more big mountain put under the belt this year.


Trip to Valdez, Alaska to test the Schism from Tyrant Snowboards on some big lines.


Riding park and powder at Canyons Ski Resort


Dropping deep on the Tyrant 162 Schism and filming for Ride Utah


Early 2010-2011 urban attacks on my Tyrant Teem 150





Here it is. All the bangers from the 2009-2010 season. Snowboarding at it's finest. Well, close anyway. Areas include Idaho and Utah back country, Brighton, Guardsman Pass, and more. I hope it stokes you out enough to want to go ride now. Shred on.











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