How to Wax Your Snowboard

How To Wax Your Snowboard


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1. Set your board up on your waxing station. A couple of saw horses, a tail gate or old ironing board will work in a pinch.
Take some all natural base cleaner and apply it to a rag. Give your board a good rub down to remove the old wax, dirt and anything else from the bottom of your board.
Take your fresh block of Enviro Mountain Sports All Natural Ski and Snowboard Wax out of the pouch.


2. Set your iron to a low-medium. If you rock your mom’s old iron then set it to just before cotton.
When the iron gets hot hold it upside down so that the point is directed towards your board and take the wax in your other hand.
Touch the block of wax to the point of the iron and when the wax starts dripping you will run a line of wax down both edges of the board and then a zig zag pattern across the center base.

3. Next take your iron and turn it flat base onto the board and in small circle patterns work the wax into your two edges and then across your base.

4. Wait for the wax to cool. If you touch the wax and it leaves finger prints then it isn’t ready.

5. Once you can touch the wax without leaving prints take your scraper and scrape the sidewall edge of the board first to get any wax that melted over the side.

6. Now line your body up at the tip or tail of your board. Take the scraper and start on one edge of the board. Start at the end opposite of you and scrape towards you in one fluid motion.

7. Continue to make the same fluid motion until you no longer see wax on your scraper. Leaving too much wax on will affect your performance. The idea is to fill in all the tiny imperfections of your board.

8. Once all the wax has been scraped from the board, take the polishing pad that came with your wax. If you still have a new block you can wrap it back around the block.

9. Again in circular motions rub the polishing pad with medium pressure across your base.

10. Finish by running smooth straight lines from your tail to tip with the polishing block.

11. Get out and ride!


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