Top "How To's" Of Snowboarding

This section of the site is to help spread the word about all the things I have learned along the way in snowboarding. The goal is to help inform and spread the word about things I didn't know and would have been good to know before starting out. Everything from tips on "How to get sponsored in snowboarding" to "how to wax your snowboard". Warning (for legal reasons): all of these articles on this website are my opinions and should not be taken as professional advice by any means. Use at your own risk but most importantly, have fun.


  • How To Get Sponsored in Snowboarding

    Learn about how to get sponsored in snowboarding from the tricks and tips I have learned over the years. Everything from approaching sponsors, creating a resume and a professional looking portfolio.

  • How To Create a Snowboard Resume and Portfolio

    Find out how to compile a portfolio with good pictures and a video as well as an athletic snowboard resume to gain sponsorship.
  • How To Wax Your Snowboard

    Sure you may already know how to wax your snowboard but here's a few tips that work well for me.



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