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Never Summer Woodward Copper Summer Session 2014 - Brock Butterfield

I had the opportunity to hang out at the first Woodward Copper Summer Camp with the rest of the Never Summer crew and campers. Each day was packed with snowboarding, skateboarding, longboarding, foam pits, trampolines, go-karts, zip line and Red Bull mini-pipe sessions. I haven't gone that hard at it in a long time and my body definitely hates me for it!

Fresh Never Summer 2014 Revolver to start out the camp. "Hi, my name is Brock and I ride a 155 Revolver."


Lift laps all day!


Jason Hindman. Wu-Tang and flannel forever.


Rick Mode. RDTM. Nuff said.


That's Heavy.


Pokemon ready to drop.


Pokemon sending!


Bottom quarter and rail / box line at Woodward Copper.


Gapping out to the DFD. p: Micah Cook


This little dude was not stoked on the last day of camp. Wanted to shred more!


Jacob Carey and Micah Cook getting carvy on the Never Summer longboards.


Off hill adult activities at Mulligans.


We had the soccer bug during World Cup.


Here's an edit by Micah Cook of the weeks worth of activities and good times.

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