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Never Summer Woodward Copper Summer Session 2014 - Brock Butterfield

I had the opportunity to hang out at the first Woodward Copper Summer Camp with the rest of the Never Summer crew and campers. Each day was packed with snowboarding, skateboarding, longboarding, foam pits, trampolines, go-karts, zip line and Red Bull mini-pipe sessions. I haven't gone that hard at it in a long time and my body definitely hates me for it!

Fresh Never Summer 2014 Revolver to start out the camp. "Hi, my name is Brock and I ride a 155 Revolver."


Lift laps all day!


Jason Hindman. Wu-Tang and flannel forever.


Rick Mode. RDTM. Nuff said.


That's Heavy.


Pokemon ready to drop.


Pokemon sending!


Bottom quarter and rail / box line at Woodward Copper.


Gapping out to the DFD. p: Micah Cook


This little dude was not stoked on the last day of camp. Wanted to shred more!


Jacob Carey and Micah Cook getting carvy on the Never Summer longboards.


Off hill adult activities at Mulligans.


We had the soccer bug during World Cup.


Here's an edit by Micah Cook of the weeks worth of activities and good times.

OVRHD Partnership - What's In The Kit? - Brock Butterfield

Ever wonder what's in my snowboard kit? What board I prefer for certain situations and what gloves I run that prove to be bomber all season? Well I'm proud to announce my partnership with OVRHD. If you haven't heard of them you should take a look at their website that just launched. I've got a few kits up there that gives you the skinny on what I'm packing on the slopes!

Spring in Baker and Whistler - Brock Butterfield

Spring time typically puts me in the Northwest on my route to Alaska for sunny days, good snowpack and powder. This spring I again made the voyage towards Alaska and stopped in at Mt. Baker and Whistler along the way. Here's a bunch of photos from the journey before we continued towards Alaska.

Jacob Carey (Cub) - "Art"


Breaking up the long 15 hour drive in Pendelton. Cub and Brian


Myself ripping bowls super gnar. Almost touched the coping. Getting paid...


Cub with a rock to fakie.


Made it to Mt. Baker the next day with powder and no one there...


Byron Bagwell, Cub and Brian Swenson


Byron is an expert.


Byron and Cub chillin'.


Byron and beer equals a good day.


Brian and Cub down on the beach at Bellingham.


Down day activities on the beach outside of Bellingham.


Getting some pillows in Whistler and grabbing Indy.


See the line?



Our filmer and all around chill dude Brian Swenson. Find him on Tinder.


Cub chillin' in a hole like a mole.


Cub and Brian clowning.


Cub sending in Whistler backcountry.


Screen grab of a line in Ogre Lake area I dropped.


Braaaaap. Snow was killer for sledding anywhere.


Cub on top the gnar.


Eating Honey Stinger on top the gnar. These waffles are addicting...


The bumpiest sled road ever...




Our first lines of the day on the Rutherford.


Another burly line I dropped at Rutherford. Diving board cliff screen shot.


One of the last zones we hit for the day.


Decided I'd do a little glacier riding.


The Rutherford crew. Boardman, Gideon, Alex Filler, Andrew Nark, Brian, Cub, Sam and Tyler.

It's Hard To Leave Jackson Hole - Brock Butterfield

Once again I found myself in Jackson this season on a whims notice. The Utah snow pack has been interesting to say the least this year and after looking at the 7 day forecast for Jackson Hole I called my good homie Rajat to see what he thought about me driving up and staying a few days. He was all about it and had a guest room to crash in so I loaded the sled, boards and supplies and hit the road late afternoon.

I could go into every detail of the trip but I'll spare you the long blog and give you the short and skinny. First three days were insanely deep on Teton Pass to the point where when I was sledding to the zones I couldn't hear my engine as it was under massive amounts of snow. Face shots going up hill...

Brock Butterfield white room. p: Jay Heney


Jason Elms white room. p: Jay Heney


Randy Shacket pow puffer. p: Brock Butterfield


Scott Askins popping pillows. p: Jay Heney


Scott Askins with a hand drag over the pillow. P: Brock Butterfield


Jason Elms after an epic yard sale. Nothing but smiles when it's pow! p: Brock Butterfield

After shredding the pass for a couple days we decided to hit the village (Jackson Hole Resort) but after one run realized everything was skunked by the rapid warming. We made the call to head to Jason Elms' cabin at a higher elevation to see if we could find good snow and ride a zone they've been talking about for a while now.

Next morning we linked in with Willie Wood and photographer Kevin Westenbarger and headed out for what was going to be the best Jackson trip I've had yet.

Water and Gatorade.


Rajat Bhayani and Jason Elms in front of the cabin. p: Brock Butterfield


Rajat, Elms, myself and Kevin after shredding some lines by the cabin.


Eating like kings on the wood stove. p: Brock Butterfield


Rajat with stoke level on high for the next day. Blue bird in the forecast.


Elms and Rajat. Two Jackson Hole legends. p: Brock Butterfield


Never Summer decks and elk sheds. Cabin life. p: Brock Butterfield


The morning before heading out into the new zones. p: Brock Butterfield


Mind blowing sunrises in Wyoming. p: Brock Butterfield


Leaving the trail head early. p: Brock Butterfield


New zone with lots of chute and cliff options. p: Rajat




Rajat stoked on making it to the zone.


Second zone with lots of poppers. p: Brock Butterfield


Myself with a mellow natty popper.


Willie Wood with a massive sender. p: Brock Butterfield


Even more options... p: Brock Butterfield


Scott Askins on top of the zone. p: Brock Butterfield


An Alaska style zone just over the backside that looks gnar! p: Brock Butterfield


Rajat reading the latest issue of Jackson Hole Snowboarder after a heavy day of shredding. p: Brock Butterfield

The following day we had hopes of getting into the new zone again but weather had other plans for us so we decided to head to Togwotee Pass and poke around for something to play on. We eventually found these unique blue rock cliffs with steep transition. We dug a pit and were a little skeptical about what was going on so we decided to toss a large dead tree off the cliffs onto the slope as well as a handful of heavy blocks to see if we could get it to rip out. Everything was good to go so we sent some fun drops of the cliffs and called it a day and a trip.

Scott Askins, Willie Wood and Rajat scoping lines at Blue Rocks cliffs. p: Brock Butterfield


Avalanche control work in the backcountry. p: Brock Butterfield


Making use of the dead weight in the area to drop onto the slope for avalanche control work. p: Brock Butterfield



Rajat in the white room with an indy. p: Brock Butterfield

Special thanks to all my sponsors that help make snowboarding cheaper and allow me to chase the dream!

Never Summer Industries
Vans Snow
iNi Cooperative
SPY Optics
Bern Unlimited
Rimini Coffee
Haven Empire


Jumping In Jackson Hole - Brock Butterfield

With the tide being low just about everywhere except for Colorado and Jackson this year we decided to make the trek to the Tetons to see what goods we could find. We linked in with another Never Summer rider, Rajat, and took the sleds out to a famous jump zone we filmed in last year. Standard run in with the pissed off locals that we were there looking for something to ride. It still perplexes me when locals get puffy chested about "their zone". It's the National Forest. I pay the same tax they do. What is this? Alta in the backcountry?

We made out way down the gully a bit and found a sweet spot to build two jumps. Only thing standing in our way was a steep hill climb in order to shuttle the jumps. My new sled with the 163 track came through as it was the only one that could make it up in order to build a road for the next day. One step down jump and one "going to the moon" jump were built by mid day. The sun was best on the landings during the morning so we decided to call it a day and head out.

Day two we got out super early and the sun was prime time on the landing. After straws were drawn the session commenced on the step down first. Some styled out tricks were laid down followed by violent rag dolls and Native American war weapons. The snow proved to be tricky to land anything switch. We moved on to the second jump and had a bit better success with the overall build and landing of the jump. The shuttle hill was getting thrashed by the sleds so it made for some interesting doubling up. On one occasion Nick and I drove up a pine tree in an attempt to be the first tandem snowmobilers to perform a double cork on a sled. The end of the session came with a scare as Ceeks hot tubbed the shit out of the landing and set off a small slide the carried him like Aladdin on a magic carpet to the bottom. We took that as a warning sign and called it a day.

The last day we made our way out to Togwotee to explore some zones and see how the snow looked out there. It had been wind scoured and was pretty low tide. We never strapped into the boards that day and spent most of the time "necking". I learned that my new sled would go anywhere. I found myself out in the trees and found some sweet wind drift jumps that nobody had hit. Not a track in sight and sweet jumps. I saw shortly after why no one had been out there as I slammed in the brake and peered over the nose of my sled which was a foot away from a cliff band into a deep, thick basin. Not so awesome. Spent some time with my Verts and shovel to build a sharp right hand turn up and out. It was a situation where "when in doubt, throttle out". I fired up the sled and hammered down on the throttle into an immediate side hill to get out. Thank God I had a 163 track...

The rest of the day was spent exploring and performing mad tricks on the sleds while doing about 40 mph in the flats. Everything from driving facing backwards to super mans were thrown down by Cub and I. We attempted to get to a few zones but the trees and creek crossing proved to be challenging. We did find a sweet zone with pillows for the snowmobiles. Cub jumped everything in site that he could while Micah did donuts while dipping his head in the snow. Eventually we made our way back to the trucks and down to the little bar for a brew.

Not too many bangers out of the trip but an awesome, sunny time with the homies and a good way to warm up for more backcountry jumps. Below are some pics from the trip.

Sunrise at the trail head. P: Jacob Carey


Step down in progress. Verts are the best thing ever! P: Jacob Carey


Jump #2. Cub takes a much needed break. P: Brock Butterfield


Micah and Nick chilling after some heavy block cutting. P: Brock Butterfield


Gassing up the sleds after day one. P: Nick Larson


Prime time morning light with a backside one. Rider: Brock Butterfield P: Micah Cook


Larson fueling up. P: Brock Butterfield


Wheelies . Rider: Brock Butterfield P: Micah Cook


Cub deep in the drank. P: Nick Larson


The crew with a new zone in the back. P: Nick Larson


Sometimes the trees aren't quite wide enough... Rider: Josh P: Brock Butterfield

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